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Sven Hagströmer

In biography, Blogging, Sweden on June 14, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Lately have been coming across a lot in the media about Sven Hagströmer so I finally got hands on a recent article in Dagens Industri about this charismatic venture capitalist.

For one I was impressed by his down-to-earth personality as it appeared. No airs about who he is – answers the phone himself on the first ring and takes quick decisions. Sharp, terse, focused.

And that at his age (67) he is training to get his pilot’s license! That was an inspiration in itself.

I first saw him on the TV show Draknästet and was somewhat intrigued by his persona. It isn’t surprising he is who is he is today given that at the age of 14 when boys his age were more interested in football, he was buying shares and following the stock market.

(Another celebrity who bought his first stock at the age of 15 is author and criminilogist Leif GW Persson.)

Hagströmer and Qviberg were the founders of  (the lately infamous) HQ bank in Sweden. And speaking of banks, it was intriguing to see him go on the offensive against the greed-infested bankers in his quote-

Jag tar mitt ansvar – säger någon. Genom att sitta kvar!

Hur tänker man då?

I finans sektorn, med krisen i baltikum som bra exempel, är ju ledningarna inte lösningen, de är problemet!

I hope to have lunch with him some day.

Not the only one

In biography, different, multitalent, Uncommon, unique on February 6, 2007 at 12:56 pm

Sometimes it can be tiring when you are different than everyone else around you. It isn’t so much the obvious physical appearances and such, but even one’s biography and related facts.
Thus, in this as it is complex world, it is quite welcoming and warming to meet someone alike oneself, to discover some commonality in some way or the other without losing one’s originality. Would be cool to have a network of such uncommon people together. Or not?

Here’s the person of the day – A lawyer from a former East european country (now an EU state), who is also a polyglot, living and working in Sweden. Talented, intelligent and pleasing – all the ingredients for the perfect candidate in the currently expanding EU commission. If this potential is not tapped, it would indeed be a tragedy. However I am quite confident that in time she will vindicate herself. Hope someone takes notice of her….anybody listening?