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Preventable or not?

In Blogging, Sweden, Technology on May 24, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Last week there was a thunderstorm in the area that took out the electricity for a good couple of hours.

My first thought was – 2010 and they STILL haven’t figured out a way of preventing power loss everytime a storm goes through. And they talk about sending man to Mars…..

I had to pull out all the power cords, telephone lines etc. It was storming pretty bad and lightening struck somewhere within 1km radius (yes I was counting!)

When the power came back on – the internet was Kaput. I was too tired in the evening to bother so I waited till the next morning. And of course – it was still out of order. Called it in. “We’re working on it” was the answer. This was Friday morning. End of Friday. Whole weekend goes by. No internet. It’s Monday afternoon now – still waiting. Have called in again. They are still working on it.

More than 60% of banking in Sweden (I cannot remember if the figure is correct/updated but I remember seeing it somewhere) is done online. It is the age of WEB 2.0. Social networking. E-business. Email.

And it takes freaking FOUR days to fix the internet connection? What is this? The middle-ages? What part of “Hi-speed highway” did the people repsonsible for planning miss out on?

Granted that “natural catastrophe” is unpredictable. But safety measures, back-up plans and prevention tactics is not, is it?

Storms and weather irregularities cannot be prevented. I wonder if STUPIDITY is to be included in that category.

Very annoyed.