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Vi bryr oss

In Blogging on November 1, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Malmö aviation may not be one of the big airline names floating around. But they live up to their slogan – vi bryr oss. We care.
While SAS struggles with aging fleet and personnel (nothing wrong with the latter IMO) with a CEO who claims ignorance over SAS’ practice of charging their passengers in economy for a cup of coffee… Malmö aviation take the prize for customer oriented service. Even for those who DON’T travel business class. (SAS serves free condiments in economy plus and business class). One almost gets the feeling in some airlines that one is being penalized for flying economy.

In an evermore competitive market with extreme pressure to generate profits in the storm of rising prices and volcanic ash…one fundamental ingredient seems to have been forgotten by the larger airlines – the customers/passengers!

So guess which airlines I would choose first if I had a choice (and they flew to any destination I wished for).

P.S. I might add that KLM also serves all its passengers with complimentary refreshments.